At home arm workout moves.

    More and more people are working out at home. Many are more comfortable at home they can even work out in P j’s!

   Saving money on gym memberships is always good. There are many things at home you can use to do your workouts with.

Today is just arm day! So get out some soup cans, an old empty milk jug and grab a chair.

Let’s get started! Continue reading “At home arm workout moves.”

Punch out Anxiety

We all know that working out helps with anxiety. Some do yoga to calm down and relax. That just doesn’t work for everyone! I personally like a more physical workout. I do a lot of kick boxing and boxing. I hit a speed bag and a heavy bag. I think it helps me more.

As I get ready for my workout and I crank my music. I start doing my cardio,and my mind starts to go and I just think to myself …I am going to leave it all in my heavy bag! Continue reading “Punch out Anxiety”

Stress and the holidays

With the busy season among us its hard to find time to yourself. Meeting up with family and friends,making dinners, spending time with your children,wrapping gifts all that crazy shopping leaves little to no time for yourself.

It’s hard enough to find self time all year but near the holiday’s it’s worse. I never feel like myself if I miss my workouts or dont get at least 10 minutes to myself. Continue reading “Stress and the holidays”

Frist Snow Fall !


I asked my kids what I should be writing about. They both said things I enjoy or things I know about. That left it pretty open. So this morning I was doing my normal routine before work, and I was at the gas station when the lady said “it’s so cold”.

    Now one thing about me that I’m sure you will find out is I really don’t have a good filter on my mouth. I don’t like to sugar coat stuff,and I’m super blunt. I will tell you if your being dumb or call you out on it. 
     With that said,you could probably guess what came out of my mouth. I looked at her and said ” really is it cold in Minnesota in the middle of November?!”. Her face said it all.
      I figured she was upset so I tried to fix it by telling her that usually we have a ton of snow by now. She still said nothing. I then told her to have a good day and walked out laughing. Continue reading “Frist Snow Fall !”


I wake up with very little sleep and start the day worrying about what happened yesterday, and what I can do to fix it. What will happen today? Thinking about how to help my kids. Worrying about if they are going to be OK at school today and wondering if something is wrong with them that they just are not telling me about. Not even knowing what the problem is I wonder if I can help them. Then start thinking about work and what if I do something wrong, or what if something bad happens? What if we have cold red? Then right back to the kids as a sip on my coffee. Continue reading “ANXIETY SUCKS”

Being a Para the Ups and Downs


I have been a paraprofessional for a few years now. I have learned so much about children that I didn’t know, I have done tons of research on many disabilities. Worked with many kids,and loved doing it. With any job there are many ups and downs. Lets start with the ups! Let me remind you that this is all my opinions and I probably dont cover everything.
         The ups…. You get to make a bond and help a child. Nothing feels better than knowing that you have made a difference in someones life. Its a very awarding job. When a child confides in you,and you know that you have their trust. When a child respects you and cares what you think. Many ups. Now for the Downs…

       You can’t save them from thier home life. You can’t watch them grow up completely. They leave at an earlier stage.You can get moved to a different program at anytime. This is the one that hurt me. You have to watch them struggle. You see them misbehaving and can’t help.
          While being a Paraprofessional has it’s ups and downs its a very awarding job. It is very demanding and patience is a must. Even through the downs the award of knowing you had an impact on their lives seems all worth it.

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